Does My Car Really Need a Diagnostic Check?

Some people are wary of diagnostic checks because they believe it is an auto service shop’s way of increasing the bill. Nothing could be further from the truth. The diagnostic check actually saves you money because it tells us right away what is wrong with your automobile. We do not perform diagnostic checks unless they are necessary. Let’s talk more about diagnostic checks below.

Check Engine Warning

The most common reason why an automobile will need a diagnostic test is that the check engine light has turned on. Unlike the other dashboard warning lights in your automobile, the check engine light covers a variety of problems. Unfortunately, there’s no way to tell exactly why the light came on unless we run a diagnostic test. This points us in the right direction of the issue.

The check engine light is turned on by your vehicle’s main computer chip. This chip is called the engine control module. This chip communicates constantly with all of the sensors that are located throughout your vehicle. If something goes wrong, the sensor in that system will report a specific code to the engine control module. This is an error code, and this is the data that we need.

Saving You Money

This system basically means that your automobile is a computer on wheels, but, again, this helps to save you money in the end. If you have to bring your vehicle to our shop because the check engine light has turned on, we will run a diagnostic test to retrieve the error code. Once we have the code, we will know immediately what is wrong and what it will take to fix the problem.

This is one reason why diagnostic tests are so popular. They save customers time because they save us time. We don’t have to spend hours visually inspecting your automobile in an effort to diagnose the reason why you received a dashboard warning. Rather, the diagnostic test will point us in the exact direction in which we need to be headed.

Prevention, Too

Finally, the diagnostic test is an excellent tool when it comes to maintaining your automobile. In some cases, there may be a problem that is invisible to the naked eye. Consequently, we may not realize that a system part or another problem needs to be addressed. This is why we recommend a diagnostic test when you bring your vehicle to our shop for preventative maintenance. The test will uncover unseen problems that we can repair to prevent your vehicle from breaking down.

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