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5 star rating
Carson cars from everett on 6/10/2021 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:


"Great Value I have used M and N for years and have always been more than satisfied. They are able to fix issues others just can't. Mike and his team are first rate!"
5 star rating
Dutchy C from on 5/3/2021 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:

"Highly recommend"

"Free vehicle inspection included, car returned in about one hour, highly recommended..."
3 star rating
Anonymous from on 4/22/2021 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:

"Friendly, helpful and professional"

"They are always very accommodating and will work around your schedule. However, when I had my car there it was a Friday and I was not called to be told the parts wouldn't be available until Monday. I had to call them at the end of the day to find out. They did pay for my rental for 2 days though which was very helpful."
3 star rating
Raymond Batt from bothell on 4/20/2021 for an auto service of their 2001 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and their testimonial is:

"premier alternative to dealership maintenance."

"The quality of work is very good, the customer service has changed to not so good. My last two experiences at this shop were good. Was call during the day to let me know what the repairs would be both in time and cost. Both times because of part availability, had to leave over night which I knew was a possibility because of the work involved. This last time, had an appointment to bring my pick up in at 830 am and they would look at and let me know what was going on. At 450 pm, I call to see what was going on, cause, I just had a feeling all day that it wouldn't get looked at it, and sure enough, when I called them, they haven't looked at it. Apologized, and said that they would look at it first thing the next morning, while all along my appointment was for that day not the next day. If that be the case why didn't they make the appointment for the next day then. I wasn't charged a diagnostic fee because of their screw up. Be prepared to leave your car for two days even if you have an appointment because of carry over work from the previous day, and scheduling challenges by the front desk."
5 star rating
LeRoy Schaefer from everett on 4/13/2021 for an auto service of their 2006 Toyota Avalon and their testimonial is:

"Couldn't be happier"

"They will do you a super great job, leaving you with total satisfaction. they have extra benefits that you will be happy with, like pictures of any problems your vehicle will have, and they have shuttle service if you need it."
5 star rating
Jackie from on 4/7/2021 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:

"I appreciate your efforts!"

"M & N auto is great so far! Have had my car in twice. Both times were great, also friendly, and well priced! I trust them!"
5 star rating
Kimberly Baronia (via Jan Laughlin) from on 4/2/2021 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:

"Fair and quality work"

"Quality and CS is exceptional! The inspection report comes with pictures so you know exactly what is being evaluated and what it looks like at that time. Staff is friendly, personable, and honest. You will not be talked into extra work that isn't necessary just so they can make a buck. Even though the location is not the most convenient for our family (traffic between the city where we live and the city where they are located stinks), we will always take our vehicles to M&N for our maintenance and repairs."
5 star rating
Denys Hoistad from mukilteo on 3/25/2021 for an auto service of their 2009 Toyota RAV4 and their testimonial is:

"Great communication"

"Great shop! Very personable and knowledgeable!"
5 star rating
Dan Lloyd from everett on 3/24/2021 for an auto service of their 2013 RAM 1500 and their testimonial is:


"I chose M & N because of their reviews. I will return because of their service and Friendliness. and efficiency. Thank you for taking such good care of me and my truck."
3 star rating
James Kable from everett on 3/19/2021 for an auto service of their 2013 Nissan Altima and their testimonial is:


"I recently had one of my vehicles in the shop and part of the services I asked for was to look into the Driver’s seat wiggling (I told the phone person I know it’s missing a bolt, but can’t remember where it was). Later I was told the mechanic couldn’t find anything quickly and it would require a $65 diagnostic fee. I got the vehicle back and in less than 30 seconds I found the missing bolt hole by looking under seat while wiggling it. Feels like mechanic was lazy or wanted to charge more money."

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