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5 Star Rating
David n Ella White from everett on 10/3/2021 for an auto service of their 2004 Chevrolet Avalanche and their testimonial is:

"Very comforting"

"I honestly feel they take pride and care in how they do their jobs, and have their own personal touch with interacting with my family while there and on the phone, and the Xtra Mile they go to to make things run smoother is also well done. They seem like a repair shop we trust and they will be our new autoshop from here on out. My family and I appreciated the work, and felt they were quality, honest, and fair with every step."
5 Star Rating
Tom Haugstad from everett on 9/8/2021 for an auto service of their 2012 Ford F-150 and their testimonial is:


"You will not find a better service in Snohomish county!"
5 Star Rating
Jay Goodwin from lynnwood on 8/28/2021 for an auto service of their 2011 RAM 1500 and their testimonial is:

"Couldn't be happier"

"The best great customer service and technicians"
5 Star Rating
Prateek from on 8/16/2021 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:


"Better service than the dealership."
5 Star Rating
Anonymous from on 8/13/2021 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:

"Clean shop"

"I have told my neighbor that I was pleased with using your shop."
5 Star Rating
Scott Gant from everett on 7/24/2021 for an auto service of their 2009 Nissan Versa and their testimonial is:

"Great communication"

"They were good on their quote price."
5 Star Rating
Bruce from on 7/16/2021 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:


"Friendly staff, great prices, thorough work and detailed explanations, will follow my picky and specific instructions on certain things and will shuttle you to and from to get your car. Honesty keeps me coming back and the services offered make M&N an easy recommendation!"
5 Star Rating
Carson cars from everett on 6/10/2021 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:


"Great Value I have used M and N for years and have always been more than satisfied. They are able to fix issues others just can't. Mike and his team are first rate!"
5 Star Rating
Dutchy C from on 5/3/2021 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:

"Highly recommend"

"Free vehicle inspection included, car returned in about one hour, highly recommended..."
3 Star Rating
Anonymous from on 4/22/2021 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:

"Friendly, helpful and professional"

"They are always very accommodating and will work around your schedule. However, when I had my car there it was a Friday and I was not called to be told the parts wouldn't be available until Monday. I had to call them at the end of the day to find out. They did pay for my rental for 2 days though which was very helpful."

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5 Star Rating
Destiny Mims from 09/17/2021:
"I’ve been bringing my cat to M&N for the past 4+ years and will definitely continue to do so, and to recommend them to friends and family. From the extremely kind, helpful, and knowledgeable staff to the excellent attention to detail with car repairs, this shop has everything I would look for in a car mechanic and more. They even offer to shuttle you home for when you need to drop off your car at the shop. This is the kind of auto shop where you’ll never need to worry about someone trying to make you pay anything more than the fair market price for parts and labor, and you’ll receive genuine advice about repairs that need to be done sooner versus those that could wait to be done. From the front desk staff to the mechanics and the owners, everyone at this shop knows cars and can answer any questions you have about them. Very welcoming and kind people plus great service— highly recommend!"
4 Star Rating
Susan Spicer from 09/13/2021:
"The staff were professional and kind. Everything they worked on is working good. I gave a list of things that we needed & wanted done and some we weren't sure if they could do like the trunk lock. They were able to fix it for a reasonable cost and we got our car back before the weekend when I needed to my wheels again. It was also nice to know that they could take me home and pick me up if needed. We didn't need it since my husband was available. The inside of the headlamps got cleaned up to remove the cloudy surface. Now our headlights will shine like they should and it cost much less than replacing them each. I was talking to a very good friend of mine and she said they have taken their vehicles there for a long time. Good to know. I just responded to a mailing."
5 Star Rating
Jeremy Jimenez from 09/07/2021:
"I love this place. They are always so friendly and welcoming. Not only that but they have great customer care and service. They saved my life when my head gasket blew on my car and then after it was paid for and fixed found a crack on the bottom of the engine as well a few days later. Any other place would have charged me for both but M&N covered the price of a whole new engine and put it in there at no extra cost. Thanks again!"
5 Star Rating
Lori Underwood from 09/02/2021:
"M&N Absolute Auto Repair was recommended to me, so I thought I would give it a go. Everyone there was so friendly and I loved seeing Duke keeping the place safe. They did a full inspection of my issues and fixed the problem I was experiencing really fast and it ended up being cheaper than what was quoted. So happy to have found a great, professional and trust worthy place to take my car from here on out. Shuttle service was a HUGE plus!!!"
3 Star Rating
Brian Blakeney from 10/04/2021:
"I made an 8:30 am appointment for a compression and leak down test because I recently had a new oil pan gasket installed and found plastic pieces from a timing chain guide in the oil pan. Having heard nothing by 4:00 pm I called in and was told they elected not to run the tests because they listened to the engine and could hear the timing chain. They recommended either repairing this engine (~ $5k) or installing a used engine with 140k miles (mine has 176k). I needed the data from those tests to determine whether to get this engine repaired or risk another, used engine. I appreciate that they were trying to save me the costs of the tests but I really need the results to make my decision. They should have communicated with me instead of waiting for me to call in at the end of the day."